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Victoria Park :- Contact Mo 07850658803
Wanstead Park :- Contact Mo 07850658803
Highbury Fields :- Contact Mark +447432 236320

Here we take the bare minimum of details to register you and stay in touch with you. We never sell on any data ever. Start off by clicking the button below.

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Use the timetable to pick a class to suit you. You don’t need to tell us you’re coming, just show up with your completed health questionnaire about 15 minutes before the start of class so we can tick you off our registration list and get you sorted out.

Once you’ve done your free class, we’ll send you a welcome pack by email with joining up forms pre-filled. Sign on the dotted line and your subscription starts there and then.

Bring the paperwork back on your next visit and we’ll process the paperwork for you.

Remember, there are no signing up or joining fees and there is no minimum commitment on your part.

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