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Got a question? We’ve probably been asked it before, so here they are. If you have a question, post it in the comment box below and we’ll answer it.

No. They would be these people.

That depends on how unfit you are, but this is much more about getting stuck in. Sure, we all used to be rubbish (except the instructors) and everyone starts at the back, but that’s where the start is at Boot Camp and there’s no shame in that whatsoever – be positive! Read about Army Boot Camp to learn more.

What sucks is when somebody comes along and just gives up after five minutes and goes home – that is rare though. If you think that’s you, you need a gym that serves coffee and cake.

BWAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! No. We do charge normal rates for instructor hire though. Contact us for more information.

Yes. We can organise a company day Boot Camp / team building and the like, no problem. Contact us for more information.

Yes. Classes are only cancelled if there’s been a nuclear war in east London.


No, our instructors carry all that.

The simple answer is no. We don’t shout at people because you are not in the army, so there’s no need to shout. The only reason we raise our voices is so we can be heard by everyone if needed.

Sure. You can go to any class in any park you like.

That’s entirely possible, but we need to have numbers up front before we start. If you manage to start a group of about 20 or so people for day one, we’ll certainly see if we can help out. It does depend on location and other factors, but there’s no harm in asking. Contact us for more information.


Every class is 60 minutes long.

About this much.

We recommend twice a week to maintain your fitness and stamina. Any increase on this will cause you to lose weight if you are on a diet.

Sure. Put any clothing and bulky stuff in the van or instructors car. Put valuables in the valuables bag which we carry with us during the class.

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