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Welcome to East London

dsc01633-225x300If you’re dropping in to one of our favourite parks then Tuesdays and Saturdays are the busiest days and Saturday is the most social so if you’re new in town or have time to stick around, this is the class.

Thursdays are quieter so if you prefer a smaller group, this should be the ticket.

The folks here are typically between 28 and 40 odd, a near perfect 50:50 mix of men to women and most are teachers or work in third and public sector occupations.

Like all our parks, the standards are very high at VP, but, owing to the class segregation according to fitness, you’ll slot right in and start working your way up the ranks.

If you’re worried about it, check out our “What is Boot Camp?” page for details about how the class is split according to ability.

“We’re all up for a good time at Victoria Park. It’s about friendship family and above all, mega training!” – Mo, Chief of staff at VP

Class Timetable

Our classes at Victoria Park are on..

Tuesdays : 19:00 – 20:00

Saturdays : 10:00 – 11:00

All classes start at the appointed times SHARP, no exceptions, so if you’re new, get here 15 minutes before the class starts so we can check you of our register and get you briefed.

Class Locations

Depending on the time of year, we meet at different places. This is because lighting in Winter is often inadequate so we have to move our RV points to accommodate that.

Summer : March 31st – October 1st

In Summer, all classes start at the Royal Gate West opposite the The Royal Inn on the Park pub on Grove Road / Lauriston Road, London, E3. Check the map below for the precise location.

Military Fitness @ Victoria Park


Winter : October 1st – March 31st

Please note the meeting point for the Saturday session will remain the same. The Royal Gates West, Victoria Park Opposite the Royal Inn on the park. 

Winter evening training sessions on Tuesday night, will be held in Well Street common & will be meeting next to the: (E9 5DY) and the park gates are the Queen Anne's gates. 


Plan your journey

If you want to get here by public transport, check out the Transport for London travel widget. There is free parking for cars along Gore Road and up by Well Street Common.

If you have a bicycle, there are railings to lock it to, but we strongly recommend you use a superb lock, remove all valuables from it and secure all quick-release items as bicycle theft here is commonplace. Do not leave your bicycle here overnight.

Come join us!

So that’s a little info about Army Boot Camp Fitness at Victoria Park. To try a free class, register today by clicking the button below, fill in some basic details and show up. There’s no commitment and no hard sell – you either like it or you don’t!

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