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DSC04995-224x300Hi there, I’m Mo. I’m the founder of Army Boot Camp Fitness.Screenshot-1-202x300

From day one of setting up Army Boot Camp Fitness, I wanted to create something special and thanks to the whole team and all the mega members, Boot Camp is undoubtedly the best fitness clubs going as it’s more than just a sports club – it’s a community.

Like all our instructors, I’ve served in the British Army too.

Whilst in the army, I was a part of 16 Air Assault Brigade based in Colchester.

I passed the most physically demanding course in the forces (not including special forces selection) with the Parachute Regiment and then spent the rest of my time in the Army with the artillery attachment of 16 Air Assault Brigade.

Believe it or not, my fave sport is football and one of my big regrets is that I did not become a professional footballer because I was really good at it as a teenager. Just think, I could be seeing Jordan and driving a pimped out Range Rover rather than a two-seater Connect. Be careful what you wish for!!

Nowadays, I’m a fire-fighter with East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and I’m based in sunny Brighton. I love taking an interest in politics and if I had to pick one political slogan to sum up my life it would be Mr Obama’s “Yes we can“. Trust me if I can, anyone can.

I firmly believe that you should never train just for the sake of training – you should always have some goal or target to aim for. As for my own training I’m not a mega fan when it’s freezing out, but mentally I tell myself I have to do it as the rewards are well worth it.

Fitness is not just physical it is also mental and you need to win the mental battle before you tackle the physical battle.

The most important person in my life is my little girl Abigail and there is nothing that I enjoy more than looking after her. When not training Boot Campers I love dressing up!!! And trying to perform Valentino Rossi style moves on my Suzuki SV Sport.

1-300x224Jim is our only ex navy member of Army Boot Camp Fitness. And by Navy I mean the elite. Yes, you guessed it, he is a former R.M.R. (Royal Marine Reservist).

Biker Jim firmly believes in the old and trusted motto of play hard and train hard. All of his sessions are tough but rewarding. When he is not training the boot camp crowd biker will be doing one of three things…

  1. Putting fires out ( he is a London firefighter)
  2. Riding his Harley or his Suzuki superbike
  3. And if he is not doing one of the above the chances are he will be performing tons of pull ups.

image1-223x300G’day to all, my name is Chris and I’ve recently moved to London after leaving the Australian Army where I served proudly for 11 years (Artillery and Infantry).

My philosophy on fitness is that you have to know where you are going, be it to good health or to Olympic gold, and most importantly enjoy getting there.

Likes: Aussie Rules Football, Adventure Racing, He-man “By the power of grayskull” and Peter Andre (greatest Australian export ….. ever!!)

Dislikes: Australia…the movie and Shetland Ponies (Angry little buggers with small horse syndrome). Captain Chris King at your service!

DSC7305aMy name is James and I’m an instructor for Army Boot Camp Fitness.

My military background is that I was a member of the 1st battalion Coldstream Guards and did five years service for Queen and country, where I was able to learn the skills needed to be a physical instructor and much more.

I’m interested in and keen on keeping my body in the best shape possible so I do weight training and also CV. For sports I like football and was interested in boxing. Kick-ass James

5-300x224My name’s Terry and I work for Army Boot Camp Fitness. I’ve been with the organisation for about umm, nearly five years or so and it has been a great place to train people.

I was in the Signals Regiment as a reservist and learned alot in the Army. I also used to box and was a champion at Light Welterweight until I damaged my knee which ended my career.

Now, I’m at University though I’m in my 30s and studying Physiotherapy which is really fantastic – I love it!

When I’m not training or studying, I use my tight buns to crack walnuts for Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bars or doing cover shots for Men’s Fitness.

6-300x224Jim has been an Army Boot Camp instructor for over almost 4 years now and previously served for 6 years as a communications expert in the Royal Corp of Signals.

Jim has since swapped his rifle for a hose and has been a firefighter in east London for the past 8 years.

A big fan of boxing, Jim used to captain his regimental boxing team but has long since hung up his gloves and now enjoys watching other people inflict pain on each other, hence why he loves being a Boot Camp instructor!

He likes the fact there are no large gym style mirrors at Boot Camp for the members to pose in but dislikes that there are no large gym style mirrors for him to pose in whilst taking his brilliant classes.

Joined the Medical Corps as a combat medical technician in 2006. Awared best fitness in phase 1 training.

First posting was 5 General Support Regiment in (Preston), deployed to Afghanistan with 5GS on Herrick 7.

In 2008 I was promoted to Lcpl and posted to 5th Battalion the Rifles in Germany. On joining 5 Rifles I deployed to Iraq on telic 13

In 2010 I completed my All Arms physical training instructors course and in 2011 I was promoted to Cpl and posted to Army Training Center (Pirbright) as a physical training instructor, training new recruits.

I spent 6 months at pirbright before seeing out my remaining time at 2nd Princess of Wales Royal Regiment.

Mark“Hi there, I’ve been a certified fitness personal since 2013. I have been training in bodyweight calisthenics, HIIT and moment since 2010 when I turned my life around from drinking, smoking, eating junk food to exercising regularly and eating healthily.

The most drastic change I noticed within myself when I discovered health and fitness was the internal change. My mindset shifted from an epicurean lifestyle (living for the moment) to a more stoic way of life which is postponing momentary short-term pleasure for long-term gain for the my future and others.

I noticed this a lot in most people that have made huge transformation and I’ve seen this in our boot campers too. I believe the first step to any transformation is awareness. Becoming aware of the choices you are making and how they effect yourself and people around you. Awareness leads to change. It's easy to show humility in words but another thing to show humility in action.”

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